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What we do

Roads Rehabilitation
This works consists for the replacement of sealed pavements where other forms of maintenance and renewal are no longer economic. Dig out and relay pavement, Stabilization asphaltic overlays, pavement replacement (including the use of recycled materials), and structural asphaltic concrete rehabilitation.

Concrete Works
This works consists of new concrete pavement for roads, driveway, vehicle crossing, and full replacement of old pavement including all drainage works, kerb and channel and subsoil drainage.

Asphalt Works
Are you looking for blacktop asphalt repairs for your property? You can rely on us for top notch services. We can provide you with the best services for your commercial and residential property.

When it comes to road maintenance it’s our field of experience, ready to go expertise team fully equipped for any urgent road repair, rehab, restoration, all kinds of hot mix, Chip seal, dig out and replace, reshape, we cover urban and rural areas.

Retaining Walls
Specialised in stone, timber, concrete blocks, Key- Stone, and other custom designed retaining wall i.e. reinforced concrete, and size varies from small landscape walls to infrastructure walls. 

Cobblestone Pavers
Cobblestones provides the look and feel of a traditional old world cobblestone. This combined with the load bearing properties of a modern paver creates a durable cobblestone suitable for a variety of residential applications.

Drainage Works
As certified drain-layers we are at the forefront of the protection of the community and the environment. If foul or waste water is disposed of incorrectly it poses a risk to all shareholders within the community.

Site work drainage, road storm water drainage, subsoil drains, manholes, soak holes, all sizes of catch pits, our certified drain layers they can consider any size of jobs wherever its involved drain laying, public streets, private driveways, road crossings, etc.

Civil Engineering Works
This works consists of general site work that involves, site management, foundations, subdivisions earth moving, car parks, most kinds of fencing (timber, concrete, bricks, and stone). Environmental controls, traffic management, landscaping.

Special jobs
These kind of jobs such as repairing fractured retaining walls (stone or concrete), by ways of grouting weak joints and cracks. Rural Culverts (Precast concrete), stock underpasses for farmers’ safety and road users. And other custom design jobs can be considered as to client satisfaction.